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November 8, 2008
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9:50 PM - 11:09 PM 11/6/2008

Well I haven't been in the mood to write (no motivation since school literally kills my inspiration D:) and I haven't had the time to write either DX So I'm finally sitting down and getting some shit out whether or not its crappy! So enjoy dammit! >8D

Prowl / Blurr / blurry


Prowl understood nearly every one of his comrades, but there was one mech who seemed so unpredictable that Prowl had a hard time reading this mech. Blurr... He did things too fast for the ninja bot's liking, never really stopped to take in what was around him. It drove Prowl crazy and lately the blue mech had seemed to taken a liking to him...


Blurr sped down the corridor, bursting into Prowl's quarters, tires squealing from the force of his stop. The black and gold mech frowned at the intrusion, slowly turning from his meditative posture.

"Is there something I can do for you Blurr?" Prowl asked calmly, trying to not get too irritated with the young bot. Bumblebee and Bulkhead were gone with Sari to some convention and neither Ratchet nor Optimus wanted to spend much time with the fast-talking mech.

"HeyProwlIwasjustwonderingifyouwantedtogooutforalittlerace?" Blurr asked with a little smile. Prowl stood and walked up to his tree, placing his hand on the rough bark.

"I'm sorry Blurr, but I just don't do things like that." The ninja bot replied carefully, not wanting to hurt the younger mech's feelings. Blurr just shrugged and walked up to Prowl, standing by his side.

"What-do-youdothen?" He asked, tilting his head in curiosity. Prowl dimmed his visor slightly, gazing down at the ground as he replied, "Mostly meditate or practice my Circuit-Su." He heard the pout in Blurr's voice when the blue mech exclaimed, "That'snofun!"

Prowl chuckled softly and replied, "We all have our own definitions of fun Blurr." He listened to the other grumble quietly to himself and the ninja bot smiled lightly. Blurr sighed then said, "WellthenIhaveasolution. How'boutwedosomethingthatwillbefunforthebothofus?"

The black and gold mech opened his mouth to inquire just what that 'something' was, but before he could Blurr took hold of him. He was pinned against the tree, shoulder struts pressing into the bark, making him wince in slight discomfort.

"Blurr! What are you—?" Prowl began to say until Blurr pushed their faces close together, lips nearly an inch apart. The younger bot gazed at him with intense optics and Prowl stared back unable to interpret the blurry emotions running through those optics.

"I've...beentryingtogetclosetoyou. Ireally,really-like-youProwl." Blurr said softly. Prowl gazed at him in confusion, the words sinking in slowly, until his face cleared and a light blush dusted his cheeks.

"Since when have you—?" He began to say again, but Blurr beat him to the punch, "SinceIfirstsawyou." That made Prowl even more flattered and embarrassed. Their first meeting had been many months ago.

"Why now?" The ninja bot asked, noting the way Blurr unconsciously relaxed when he was not snapped at. The blue mech ran his glossa over his lips in a nervous manner and Prowl could not help but follow that delightful gray glossa. He wondered...what would it feel and taste like.

"D-Doyouhaveanyideahowharditistogetclosetoyou?" Blurr stammered, effectively bringing Prowl out of his fantasy. The ninja bot looked slightly ashamed, but the expression was quickly swept away as he said, " have me now~" Blurr smiled slightly and leaned close again.

"Idodon'tI~?" He purred softly. Prowl shivered and suddenly white lips covered his, successfully melting his insides with that single contact. Blurr's hands came up to cup Prowl's cheeks, freeing the ninja bot's arms. Prowl smiled into the kiss, mimicking Blurr as his own hands cupped Blurr's cheeks.

The kiss started slow and timid, just testing the waters, until Prowl parted his lips, giving Blurr silent permission to go further. Blurr eagerly plunged his glossa into the ninja bot's mouth, taking the gasp and shiver as a good sign. Prowl felt a desire flare up within his chassis, as he kissed back fiercely. Soft moans and gasps of pleasure filled the room.

Finally they broke the kiss, panting as their cooling fans kicked on to try and cool them down. Blurr smiled in a goofy way as he exclaimed, "Wow! Forsuchasilentbotyousureknowhowtokiss!" Prowl smiled and brushed his thumb against Blurr's cheek.

"Thank you." He whispered, leaning in and stealing a light kiss from the younger mech. When he pulled back he realized that in Blurr's optics happiness shone as clear as day. He did not miss the way his own face reflected the look in Blurr's optics. He understood now...what was blurry was now clear. And Prowl liked what he saw.

Me and ~yodana have been wanting to fund this pairing for a while now >3< I finally made myself write the fic I promised to write XD

Lol I deliberately chose this prompt for Blurr >3 Hope you all enjoyed 8D

Transformers Animated - Hasbro (it will never be mine D: )
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Hurricane-Hannah Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Awe, I like this pairing. Having two different mech fall in love. You and yodana know how to pick pairings -wink-
Neko234 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009
Heehee we try :giggle: I like doing rare pairing X3
LunaTsuki-Kouseinou Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2008
I love this pairing. XD I can't get enough of it. Omg, that was amazing! :drool:
Neko234 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2008
Thankies so much >3< Lol I knows this pairing is so hawt :drool:
LunaTsuki-Kouseinou Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2008
*reads it again* XD You're welcome. Man, I love this.
Neko234 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2008
Lol XD I'm so glad you do~ >3<
CaramelDatsun Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2008
Oh shlag, I'm drooling. 0w0 Ah, this pairing is so lovely. Crooooo...Great job.
Neko234 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2008
Awww thank ya X//D
Yondercat Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2008
sorry for the late review. it was good.

my laptop crashed ;_;
Neko234 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2008
GASP D8 Bad laptop! DX Thanks tho~
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