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April 20, 2008
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Hotshot / Sideswipe / damaged

Prompt 15 - Damaged


Sapphire optics flickered on as the bright white walls of the med bay room came into focus before Sideswipe's optics. 'H-How did I get here...?' He wondered as his gaze moved around the room to settle on a familiar yellow mech sitting beside him.

"Hotshot..." Sideswipe said quietly as he stared at the sleeping mech, his head slumped in exhaustion and sky blue optics dimmed.

Hotshot was holding his hand, the warm appendage clutching at Sideswipe's just firm enough that he wouldn't let go. Side's tried to sit up, but agony laced through his entire body making him let out a groan of pain.

Hotshot perked up at that, as the weary mech lifted his head while his optics flashed online tiredly. "'re awake." He said, a smile creeping onto his sweet white cheeks.

Sideswipe nodded then replied, "What happened to me bro?" Hotshot's once happy optics quickly dimmed into a deep navy blue as anger and hurt filled them.

"Well...don’t you remember? We were all fighting the Decepti-creeps then half way through the battle Thrust managed to sneak up behind you. He fired and at point blank range, aiming right at your spark. Y-You got severely damaged and we had to immediately take you in for intensive repairs." Hotshot said, his voice full of distress and sadness.

Sideswipe felt fear pulling at his spark as Hotshot continued to speak, "Red Alert worked on you for days, trying to keep your spark alive...Y-You almost died on us a couple times. I-I just didn't—didn't know what to do."

Sideswipe gently squeezed the hand that was still holding his as he tried to give his brother an encouraging smile. "But I'm okay now bro. You don't have to worry anymore." Hotshot looked at him, tears misting his optics over.

"Sideswipe, I almost lost you! I was so afraid that we would never see you come back online, that I would never hear your voice or see your smile again...I never got the chance to tell you—" Hotshot nearly yelled, his voice quieting towards the end.

Sideswipe's spark pulsed furiously in his chassis, hoping...wishing. "What Hotshot, you can tell me." He said soothingly as he brought up an aching hand and placed it on his mentor's shoulder.

Hotshot's optics were so full of grief, Sideswipe just couldn't stand seeing that look on his most beloved's face. Hotshot sat up fully, taking hold of Sideswipe’s wrist and drawing the younger mech closer to his chassis.

Their optics locked, sapphire taking in sky blue as emotions of various kinds flitted past their faces. Finally the yellow mech leaned down, lips brushing softly against Sideswipe's as he held the younger close.

Sideswipe couldn't help the feeling of immense relief sweep through him as he went lax in Hotshot's arms. He sat up a little more, ignoring the protests his body made, pushing further into that warm kiss.

Hotshot gently stroked the side of Sideswipe's chassis, touching so carefully like he was afraid the young mech would just shatter into a million pieces. The blue mech's shaking hands came up and began to pet Hotshot's chassis as well, taking in every detail with his fingers.

Sideswipe could feel Hotshot's spark thrumming just underneath his armor, calling out to his with a sweet and tempting song only he could hear. Hotshot began to move kisses down the blue mech's neck, nibbling lightly on wiring there.

Sideswipe felt pleasure rushing through him as he tilted his neck to grant Hotshot even more access, melodious moans of satisfaction spilling from his lips. "Hotshot..." Sideswipe moaned out softly as he pulled the mech closer to him.

Arousal was flowing through both of them, frames heating at an exceedingly fast rate while touches and kisses moved to just about everywhere. Suddenly Sideswipe tried to move a little too fast and agony immediately swallowed up all the pleasure he had been feeling.

"Ow..ow ow." Side's muttered as he stilled, trying to ride out the pain. Hotshot stopped as well, concern taking over as he checked to see if he had damaged his beloved.

"Are you okay?" Hotshot asked, worry evident in his voice. Sideswipe looked into Hotshot's optics, and despite the pain racking his body, smiled and replied, "I'm fine Hotshot. Just moved a little too quickly for me...but I promise it will pass."

The yellow mech placed his hands on Sideswipe's gray cheeks, stroking them lovingly as he pressed a gentle kiss to his lover's lips. He drew back only slightly, their lips mere inches apart as Hotshot murmured softly, "I love you, Sideswipe."

Sideswipe smiled, forgetting the pain as he embraced Hotshot. He lifted his head slightly and spoke right into Hotshot's audio receptor, "I love you too Hotshot." Damaged mech or not they would always love each other.

YAAAY! Sideswipe & Hotshot x33

They are soooo cute together *wibbles* :drool:
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Serveris7 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2009
Awwwwwww that is just to cute, I really love it a lot!!!!
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Hurricane-Hannah Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Really cute one.

I agree with bunnybot, he so has a crush on Hotshot.
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Thanks >3< And so true~!
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D'AWWW! OMG, they are so meant to be! :heart: Hotshot and Sideswipe are so cute together, this fic brought happy tears to my eyes ;w;
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