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June 15, 2008
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I've been aching to do a fic about clouds and who better to put in with that idea than our famous Seekers!~

Don’t Wanna Get Off Of This Cloud


The wind and sky had always been the Seekers best friend. They trusted it completely and it never failed them. Starscream spun tight circles and loops in his F-15 mode, whoops of delight spilling from his vocalizer at the rare moment of freedom.

In this great war there was hardly anytime for just relaxing and playing around in the sky. He and trine brothers had sorely missed this time. Skywarp rested on a nearby cloud, arms behind his head as he lazily watched Starscream perform fancy twists and spins in midair while Thundercracker dove in and out of nearby clouds.

The air commander touched down on the same cloud Skywarp rested up, sitting down beside his purple and black companion with a happy sigh. "This is great Skywarp! I almost wish to just leave the Decepticons for a little more time of just playing around here in the sky." Starscream said breathlessly, his intakes cycling faster with excitement.

Skywarp smiled up at his brother as he nodded and replied, "Yea me too, its nice to just kick back here." Thundercracker finally joined them, flopping down on the opposite side of Skywarp as he scooted himself close to his purple and black wingmate. Starscream reached down and scooped up a handful of the cloud they were sitting on.

He examined it for a moment or two, scientific curiosity taking over. His glossa flicked out to taste the white mass sitting in his hands and he discovered it was only water. How queer! The red and white seeker grinned briefly then gently blew on the quivering white cloud in his hands. He watched it float away like so many little bubbles, going in whatever direction the wind took it.

Starscream watched it descend higher and higher until it had disappeared then he looked back down at his still cuddling wingmates who were staring up at him with fond, but exasperated looks in their optics.

"Primus Screamer, you're so weird." Skywarp muttered, although his smile betrayed his words. He reached out and gently pet Starscream's hand while he other hand stroked down Thundercracker's back. The air commander scooted closer, lying down beside Skywarp so the youngest of the three was sandwiched between his two wingmates.

Starscream's hand leisurely traced random little patterns all over Skywarp's cockpit, the touch light and soothing. Thundercracker's hand held the purple and black seeker's hand as he wrote Cybertronian characters all over Skywarp's palm.

"Mmmm...that feels nice you guys..." Skywarp purred out softly, his optics dimming in total relaxation. He loved to feel the warmth of his wingmates so close, the feel of their sparks beating in time with his as they touched him in the most comforting of ways. Starscream and Thundercracker smiled fondly at their youngest wingmate and both kissed the side of his head, right near his audio receptors.

"Heh, glad we could be of service." The blue and white Decepticon said with amusement clear in his voice. Starscream nuzzled Skywarp's cheek as he dropped a light kiss there then replied, "We do aim to please." Skywarp chuckled at his wingmates, pulling them both closer to his body.

He was slipping into recharge and for once in a very long time did all three seekers feel absolute peace.


I really adore cute seeker luff moments like this >w< and this idea was actually inspired by :iconkardas-dragon: so thaaank yaaaa! :glomp:

Transformers = Hasbro not mine ;_;

(also stupid D-Art wouldnt let me put the full title >< )
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Hurricane-Hannah Jan 22, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
The Seekers are sooo hot.
And them three are the cutest pairing, I love it.

-reads it again and then clicks fave-
Looove the seekers <3 They are my favs~! I'm glad you liked it ;D
Hurricane-Hannah Jan 22, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Woot another Seeker fan, I think i'm in love XD

Yah it's just so hard not to love them when you have the three of them togther. Even in non-slsh fics they just go well together.
Who doesn't love the seekers, honestly? XD

So true, I just love seeing those three together :3
Hurricane-Hannah Jan 23, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I know. :)
deezaster82 Jun 21, 2008
Cute little story...ah, well, I'll fave it!
Aww thank ya :D
Epic YES! >3
Yay for the fluff! <3
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