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August 28, 2008
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Like I promised~ Moar drabbles featuring Moewarp (TF:A Skywarp) and this time it's the Decepticon's turns >D

The Tales of Moewarp Part 3
(First off you guys are gunna hate me for writing this one~)

Skywarp / Megatron / hurt

The loud resounding sound of metal-on-metal screeched through Skywarp's audio receptors. He stumbled back, clutching at his dented cheek while he gazed up in terror at the large gray mech.

Megatron...He had -hurt- him. Skywarp stuttered, trying but failing to keep the tears from his optics. Megatron snorted in disgust and snapped, "You deserved to be put in your place!" And with that said he strode out of the room, leaving poor Skywarp there hurt and alone.

(Sorry for that you guys ^^; This one will be much better I promise :3)

Skywarp / Blitzwing / random

Skywarp never fully understood Blitzwing. It just confused his processor when the mech could go from calm, to angry, to outright crazy in a matter of seconds. He sighed softly, rubbing at the dent in his cheek, given to him by Megatron. Suddenly something pounced on his back and the purple seeker shrieked in fear.

"N-No! Get it off! Get it off!!" He yelped, trying in vain to get whatever was on his back off. A familiar cackle rang through his audio receptors and then Blitzwing's Random personality spoke, "Vell aren't ve a spring chicken!" Skywarp froze, though he still trembled with fear and asked, "B-Blitzwing?"

"AHAHAHAHA! Ja~" Random replied, giggling like mad. Skywarp resisted the urge to just panic as he asked again, "W-Would you please get off my back?" Random was silent for a moment, a rare thing for him, then said brightly, "Nein!~" Skywarp whimpered softly, but what else could he do for Blitzwing was just so...-random-.

Skywarp / Lugnut / break (Trust me its not as bad as it sounds)

There were few mechs Lugnut liked, actually he only liked one mech. His leader, Megatron, but of course how could -not- like the grand and GLORIOUS Decepticon leader? Ahem well he was getting off topic. Now there was one more mech he was actually beginning to like.

"L-Lugnut? Um Blitzwing...he ah um wants to see you." Skywarp stammered, peering into the room carefully. Lugnut grumbled under his breath then trained a glare on the purple seeker as he growled, "What does that glitch want -this- time?" Skywarp bit his lip, flinching at the glare and tone.

"I-I...don't know. Please don't hurt me!" He cowered behind the door, whimpering when Lugnut walked up to him and looked down at the seeker clone. Skywarp looked up at him with those surprisingly innocent red optics, full of fear. He sighed. It was hard to be angry with someone who was so...adorable. The emotional walls he had up were breaking.

(This is inspired by anonIB board where Swindle said he hit or yelled, I dun really remember, the seeker clones.)

Skywarp / Swindle / apology

Swindle had gotten an audio full of reprimands from Starscream. It wasn't -his- fault the damn clones wouldn't leave him alone when he was working! The tan and purple mech growled angrily and nearly screamed when there was a hesitant knock on his door.

"What?" He ground out as the door cautiously opened. Skywarp popped his head in, red optics wide with nervousness. Swindle held back the groan that welled up inside his vocalizer. Starscream had yelled at him the most for ever hitting Skywarp.

"Swindle? I-I'm sorry I got you in um...trouble." The purple seeker stammered. Swindle gave him a strange look and asked, "Why are you apologizing to me?" Skywarp bit his bottom lip, nervously fidgeting around. The tan mech motioned for him to come in and Skywarp did, the door closing behind him.

"Come here." Swindle commanded, patting the spot next to him. Skywarp squeaked and scurried over to him, sitting down with a fearful look on his face. Swindle, although smaller than the seeker, seemed to dominate him as he took hold of Skywarp's chin.

"You don't have to apologize to me. -I- should be the one apologizing to you so...I'm sorry Skywarp." The arms dealer said determinedly, staring straight in Skywarp's optics. The seeker clone nodded, nervously shifting around to get more comfortable. Swindle grinned then leaned forward and kissed Skywarp's lips gently.

The purple seeker gasped in surprise, nearly gapping at the smaller mech in front of him. Swindle just smiled smugly.

Skywarp / Lockdown / scared (Had to do this D: But dun worry Skywarp will be fine~)

From the first moment Lockdown had set his optics on Skywarp he'd seen just how innocent that mech was. Skywarp of course saw something -much- different when he first saw Lockdown. His optics had widened and a full body shiver had taken hold.

That chilled him to the core, made him feel exposed and vulnerable. In general he was just plain scared of the bounty hunter. Because the gleam in his optics told him Lockdown would catch him someday...would hurt him like he did back on earth. At this thought the purple seeker trembled, pressing closer to Starscream, desperate to escape his fear.

Well I want to do Skywarp/Starscream real bad but I also want to do it with the other seekers too~

I'll save it :3 Hopefully I can get their personalities down right ;3;

Transformers Animated - Hasbro
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Starceptor Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I made my sister read this and she ran out of my room saying "SAY NO TO THE MOE!''....god i love my sibs!
Neko234 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012
TFemo-MEO Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
Swindle and skywarp...AWSOME!!! 8D
Neko234 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2009
Yus! X3
Divine-Fire-Wolf Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2008  Student Filmographer
Omg! Another one! It rocked! (cept for Megs being a jerk, but that's in character, so I don't blame you. :3)
Neko234 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2008
I'm gunna do a fourth one :D Lol thank ya! >w< Oh God I know I HATED writing the one w/ Meg's D8 But I just couldn't make him out of character X_X
Divine-Fire-Wolf Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2008  Student Filmographer
I think seeing him nice and loving would be creepier then seeing him evil.
Neko234 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2008
Oh yes I agree ^^; Tho sometimes I dont mind seeing him that way but for this particular fic it just wouldn't work~
Divine-Fire-Wolf Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2008  Student Filmographer
I think G1 and Beast wars Megatrons are the only ones I can see as at least attempting to be nice, once in awhile.
Neko234 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2008
Oh DEFINATELY BW Meg's xDD He's too funny in that series~ And G1 Meg's too :33
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