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August 24, 2008
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Okie becuz I love Moewarp (who is Skywarp in Animated btw) I decided to just make a collection of drabbles with him paired with as many bots as I could :3 So enjoy the Skywarp fest! <3

The Tales of Moewarp

Skywarp / Optimus / safe

Skywarp had never felt safe. Not even when it was just him, Thundercracker, and the blue Autobot out in the middle of space. But the minute his thrusters gave out and he plummeted to the cold, unfeeling ground Skywarp instantly regretted being so scared.

He screwed his optics shut, whimpering as he waited for the ground to swallow him up in a world of hurt. But instead strong arms caught him and he heard a gentle voice ask, "Are you all right?"

The frightened seeker clone opened his optics and was surprised to see Optimus Prime holding him. And even though Skywarp was -much- bigger than him, he suddenly felt so small and sparkling-like. The purple clone unconsciously snuggled closer to Optimus's chassis, feeling something peculiar well up in his spark.

He was -safe-.

Skywarp / Bumblebee / games

Skywarp squeaked when he felt fingers on his back, obviously writing something. He had been recharging quite peacefully until those little fingers began to skitter across his back plating.

"N-No! Please don't hurt me!" He cried bolting up and whirling around to stare at Bumblebee. The little yellow mech had been sniggering quietly, but his face dropped into a frown. His blue optics full of pity and sympathy for the frightened seeker.

"'Warp we already promised no harm would come to you here. Its alright I was just um...writing something on you." Bee said, carefully walking up to the startled clone. He held out his hand, waiting for Skywarp to take it, and once he did, led the clone over to a mirror.

On Skywarp's back he had written, 'Bee was here!' in bright yellow paint. Skywarp blinked a few times then he smiled, really -smiled-, giggling softly. Bumblebee's face flushed slightly, almost overcome by the cuteness of his new friend. Bee grinned and asked, "You wanna play some more games?" Skywarp nodded happily, following his little yellow friend for some more fun.

Skywarp / Prowl / courage

It didn't matter how long he stayed with them, he was still a coward. Alot of the Autobots tried, without much success, to get Skywarp to be more outgoing or get over his fears. The only bot that didn't push him was Prowl.

Skywarp peered into Prowl's room, watching the silent ninjabot meditate for a while. Prowl had noticed him watching for a while then finally spoke up, "Is there something I can do for you Skywarp?"

"O-Oh! Um yes I mean...No! I'm sorry you're busy, please don't hurt me!" He squeaked in embarrassment. Prowl valiantly kept the smile off his face as he shook his head and replied, "Nonsense Skywarp, come and join me."

Skywarp tentatively stepped inside Prowl's room, slowly making his way over to the ninjabot. He sat down and mimicked Prowl's pose, closing his optics.

"Now just...clear your CPU and breath in and out deeply. Think of nothing." Prowl murmured. Skywarp nodded and did as Prowl said, he was surprised to find himself relaxing and feel a sense of contentment spread throughout his circuits.

Unbeknownst to the both of them Bumblebee snuck into the room, holding back his giggles as he crept up behind Skywarp.

"BOOGAH BOOGAH!" Bee shouted, fully expecting the seeker clone to jump right into the ceiling. Skywarp stayed still though, not even the slightest tremble, almost as if he was sleeping sitting up. Bee tried again, still no reaction, he huffed and left the room.

Skywarp finally opened his optics looking over at Prowl with an ecstatic smile on his face.

"I-I wasn't scared!" He exclaimed gleefully. Prowl smiled kindly at the purple seeker, as he replied, "Its the first step to gaining courage."

Skywarp / Ratchet / soft

Skywarp could never understand why so many of his now Autobot friends talked bad about the old medic, Ratchet. Whenever he visited the medic, Ratchet was always nice to him. Always talked gently and gave him advice.

The purple seeker knocked on Ratchet's door, peeking his head in as Ratchet's voice called him in. "What's on your mind kid?" The older bot asked, getting up to sit on the berth as he patted the spot next to him.

Skywarp hesitantly sat next to Ratchet, leaning against him as he replied, "W-Well I was just um...wondering why everyone seemed to talk bad about you? I-I mean you're so nice!" Ratchet chuckled, reaching out slowly to stroke Skywarp's arm.

"Well to tell you the truth, I'm not so nice to everyone here. Such young bots and they annoy me at times but...I gotta love them anyway." The old medic replied with a fond smile.

"I-I don't annoy you do I?" Skywarp asked fearfully, his red optics widening. Ratchet shook his head, stroking the purple seeker's arm again.

"You? No, never." He replied, pulling the clone close to him in a hug. Skywarp smiled, purring happily. Even if the others didn't see it, Ratchet really was just a big softie.

Skywarp / Bulkhead / art

"Okay, stand there. Yea like that...Okaaay now -don't- move." Bulkhead looked up and down from his huge canvas and Bumblebee's posed figure. Skywarp peered at his canvas, which was steadily filling with color.

"W-What are you doing?" He asked curiously. Bulkhead looked back at him, smiling slightly as he replied, "This? Oh it’s painting. Do you wanna try?" Skywarp nearly leapt back in surprise at the question.

"M-Me? Oh no um...I uh don't need to if you don't want me too!" He stammered, crimson optics widening with his ever-constant fear. Bulkhead handed him the paintbrush and tore off the paper to reveal a fresh new blank one.

"Don't worry 'bout it! Bee we can finish the other one later." Bulkhead said, waving Bumblebee off. The little yellow mech came over, watching as Skywarp approached the blank canvas. He gripped the paintbrush so hard it almost split in two, as he looked over at the two mechs.

"W-What do I do?" Skywarp asked. Bulkhead pointed to the paint cans and replied, "Just use the paintbrush and those paints cans to draw anything you want." Skywarp licked his lips nervously, dipping the paintbrush into a purple can.

One stroke to the page and Skywarp smiled with glee, mixing all different colors in and just going all out. He finally stopped and stepped back to survey his work. It was a blob of random colors, but in his optics it was beautiful. Bumblebee nudged his hip gently, as Bulkhead smiled at him. It was art.

(And this becuz I just -HAD- to XD)

Skywarp / Wreck-Gar / kiss

Skywarp didn't know how the orange trashbot had ended up on top of him. Maybe it was because he had been so happy to see another 'hero' among the Autobots.

"Wreck-Gar! For Primus sake get off of Skywarp before you traumatize him!" Ratchet shouted, making the purple clone shudder in alarm. Wreck-Gar smiled brightly down at Skywarp, placing his hands on the other's cheeks.

"I am Wreck-Gar! I am a hero! You're a hero too, aren't you Skywarp? You deserve a kiss!" The orange mech exclaimed happily. Skywarp flushed brightly as he stammered, "Wha-What's a k-kiss? Does it hurt? Oh please don't hurt me!"

Wreck-Gar lowered his face, their noses almost touching as he giggled, "Kisses don't hurt silly! See I'll show you." And before Skywarp could even open his mouth to protest his lips were smothered by Wreck-Gar's. The kiss was chaste and gentle, nearly childlike.

Skywarp liked it. Alot. His spark thrummed warmly inside his chassis, igniting a very odd but pleasant emotion inside it. The kiss broke and Wreck-Gar grinned at the stunned, but pleased expression on Skywarp's face. Suddenly his weight was gone as Ratchet hauled the trashbot up, blushing brightly.

"How many times do I have to tell you? You do -NOT- greet other mech's that way!" Ratchet growled, his face livid tinged with embarrassment. Wreck-Gar pouted as he whined, "But Ratchy~ That's how I greet -you-!" The medic flushed even more, pulling him away, muttering under his breath.

Skywarp sat up, still bewildered as he touched his own lips. Well at least he knew what a kiss was now...and frankly it wasn't that bad.

I've written all the existing TF Animated characters down, so basically I was just going down my list XD

My first intention was to have everyone have a slashy moment with Skywarp buuut that seemed a little too much for the poor guy ^^;

That's why I threw in the random 'Warp/Wreck-Gar moment :XD: Anyway hope you guys enjoyed and let me know if you want me to make more. I STILL have Jazz, Blurr, Ultra Magnus, Dinobots, and Decepticons to go 83

Also if any of you have a one-word prompt to suggest tell me please :D

Transformers Animated - Hasbro
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