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August 26, 2008
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Okie a lot of you, including myself, liked the drabbles with Moewarp (Skywarp) in them :3 So like I promised I'm doing moar! 8D

The Tales of Moewarp part 2

Skywarp / Blurr / trust

Blurr was the fastest bot Skywarp had ever met, and he took a liking to him right away. The blue mech talked so rapidly that Skywarp had difficulty understanding him at first, but now it was easy to understand him.

Today was one of those few days when Blurr was off duty, just him and Skywarp hanging out. They sat in a huge empty field, side-by-side as Blurr rattled off missions he'd done, fascinating the younger mech with his tales. Skywarp gazed up at the sky, smiling slightly.

He felt so at ease with Blurr, it was like they connected and understood each other on a level no one else could achieve. Skywarp turned his head to look at the blue speedster, hesitantly reaching out to place his hand on top of Blurr's hand. The smaller bot looked at him in surprise, but it melted away into a warm smile.

"Feelingbravetoday?" He asked, scooting himself closer to the seeker clone. Skywarp fidgeted, bringing himself closer as well. He chewed on his bottom lip for a moment, nervous and afraid of what was going to come. Blurr reached out placing his hand on Skywarp's cheek.

"Trust...Me..." Blurr said slowly, forcing himself to go slow for Skywarp. The purple seeker gasped softly in surprise when Blurr talked so -normally-, asking for his trust. And trust he did, as Skywarp snuggled closer to Blurr their faces mere inches apart. Blurr finally closed the gap, his mouth settling gently on top of Skywarp's lips.

The kiss was soft and oh so sweet. Skywarp whimpered lowly into Blurr's mouth, tensing for a moment when that warm glossa probed at his lips. He trusted Blurr...and with that thought Skywarp allowed Blurr's glossa entrance, the kiss at first shy now growing bolder.

Finally the lip-lock broke and the two gazed at each other with equal smiles of happiness. The purple seeker nuzzled his face into Blurr's neck, thanking Primus that he had enough sense to trust this wonderful mech.

Skywarp / Jazz / music

Jazz's head bobbed up and down to an invisible tune, as his lips moved soundlessly with the words. Skywarp tilted his head in confusion, squeaking in surprise when Jazz's laughter suddenly rang loud and clear.

"You're wondering what I'm doin' aren't ya Skywarp?" The black and white ninja bot asked. Skywarp hesitantly nodded and replied, "I-It kinda looks like fun." Jazz smiled, reaching up and adjusting his audios. Sound started to pour out from them, a nice dance beat that had Skywarp itching to at least tap his foot to the beat.

"W-What is that?" He stammered, staring at the black and white mech with a surprised expression. Jazz grinned and replied passionately, "Its -music-." Skywarp smiled a tiny smile. Music....he liked it. A lot.

Skywarp / Ultra Magnus / protect

Ultra Magnus couldn't help but feel so old when he looked at the rest of his team here on Earth. He could barely tolerate some of their childish antics, except one. Skywarp managed to capture the spark of any mech he came into contact with. Despite his Decepticon heritage, he was -nothing- like a 'Con.

He was nearly too afraid to do -anything-, it had taken months to finally get him warmed up to his current team members. And when Skywarp stood next to Ultra Magnus, cowering just the slightest bit because Sentinel was trying to chew off Optimus's head, he couldn’t help but feel the urge to protect him.


Sentinel stormed off, cursing Optimus's name in every language he knew. He suddenly slammed into something very solid and shouted angrily, "Hey watch it!" There was a loud sniffle then something wet fell onto Sentinel's head. He looked up and saw Skywarp standing there, red optics full of tears.

"I-I'm sorry Sentinel! P-Please don't hurt me!" Skywarp pleaded pathetically, more tears and little sobs escaping him. Sentinel automatically felt like a jerk, his spark aching with sympathy for the frightened and distressed seeker clone. He placed his hand on Skywarp's arm, noticing the way he flinched when he was touched.

"Skywarp...please don't cry. I'm uh...sorry I yelled at you, just...don't cry anymore." Sentinel soothed, rubbing his hand against Skywarp's arm. He hated to see tears on that wonderful little face, guilty and angry with himself for ever causing the sweet mech such pain.

Sentinel nuzzled his face against Skywarp's arm, murmuring gently to him until the other mech calmed down. When he finally did Sentinel looked up at smiled at the seeker clone, getting a tentative smile in return.

"There's the Skywarp I know." He said affectionately, causing Skywarp to blush. His sadness completely forgotten.


Skywarp / Grimlock / strong

The purple seeker explored this island cautiously, all his senses on high alert. So when a loud roar suddenly came from behind him Skywarp nearly off-lined from fear. He spun around to find the dinobot, Grimlock, standing there. Prowl had told him all about the Dinobots, but that didn't make him any less scared to be face-to-face with the mighty bot.

Grimlock transformed into bipedal mode, staring down at Skywarp. "Y-You're Grimlock." The seeker clone squeaked, shivering in fright.

"Me, Grimlock, who you?" The dinobot leader replied, stepping closer to Skywarp, who whimpered in terror.

"M-Me? Oh um I'm S-Skywarp! P-Please don't hurt me!" He stammered. Grimlock stared at him for a few minutes then suddenly leaned forward and picked the 'Con up by his waist, raising him up.

"AH!! N-No! Put me down! Please!" Skywarp yelped, flailing around in alarm. Grimlock let out a rumbling growl, which sounded much like a chuckle and set the seeker on his shoulder.

"Me, Grimlock, strong! Grimlock carry you, Skywarp!" He replied, walking off with the seeker now clutching onto his shoulder.

Skywarp / Swoop / kindred

Skywarp did manage to get away from Grimlock, well with much pleading and begging he did. Now airborne, the purple flier sighed with relief because surely no one would find him up here. At least until Swoop flew into view, sliding in right next to him.

Skywarp gaped at the flying dinobot, banking to the left. Swoop followed him, matching his moves just as gracefully. The purple seeker blinked in astonishment, performing even more aerial maneuvers for Swoop to follow. They flew together, weaving in and out, parting the clouds in their wake.

Skywarp shut his optics blissfully, letting out a laugh of pure enjoyment, as he relished in the feeling of flying with a kindred spirit.

Skywarp / Slag / loyal

Loyalty was something new to Skywarp. He hadn't lived long enough to understand fully what it was. But when he saw Slag defending and standing by Grimlock's side as Swoop sparred against them...-that's- when he found out what true loyalty was.


I’M SO PROUD OF MAHSELF >w< TIME FOR PARTY TIEM ~yodana :dance: :boogie: :strip: WOOOOT!

Transformers Animated – Hasbro not miiine :happycry:
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we're gonna need some Skywarp/Lockdown in here! :D
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Divine-Fire-Wolf Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2008  Student Filmographer
Hehe, I love the Grimlock/Skywarp one. Skywarp nearly offling from his fear was definantly in character. XD
Neko234 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2008
Lol thankies >w< If I was 'Warp facing Grimlock I would definately almost faint XD
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